The theory behind

About the Body

BodySculpting is a method to relieve and transform the physical body.

In order to make this statement easy to understand, let us look at how our bodies are structured and how they change during the course of our lives.

Our personality begins with our physical body. We recognize people from their silhouettes, walk or non-verbal communication, right?

This physical body is formed by the genes on one hand and by events that happened to us on the other. Such experiences include: our birth, as we learn to walk, our experiences or accidents. Events experienced as stressful do not only leave a mark in our mind’s memory, but in our body’s memory as well. For example, when I fell down from my tricycle, when the teacher rebuked me vigorously in fifth grade and I kept sitting there hunched.

When I was an entrant in my field and had no job or money. And so on…

The event need not be serious, but if we experience it as stressful it can easily offset our balance. With time, pain is felt in this off-set, displaced body because the nerve endings are under pressure from a misplaced body part.
When this happens we engage in different therapies to treat the hurting points. Most therapies are illness and pain-centred. (My back hurts, massage it, snap it, give me a pill and so on). Since the pain is not a cause but an effect some symptoms return from time to time.

About the Sculpting

BodySculpting places the emphasis on unity, it develops a better functioning body and better posture. This way you can avoid pain. This change can be achieved due to the special attributes of the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue system enmeshing the whole body, which is not only responsible for the stability of the body but movement as well.


Nowadays more and more people realize the importance of the fascia and start caring about it, but not many know treatments yet, which include the whole body.

BodySculpting is one of the few, and possibly the most effective of them all.