About bodysculpting

What is bodysculpting?

Imagine a tissue enmeshing your body from top to toe.  This is the fascia. (link) This tissue forms and connects the muscles, bones and keeps to body whole. Like a tight dress, when pulled at one point, it will trigger changes in other places utilizing it’s force transferring ability.  Thus, for example a hip constriction can cause a problem in the neck or an issue with the knee can cause pain in the shoulders.


During the treatment, consisting of several sessions – which can mostly be compared to a massage – we go through the whole body systematically and relieve the restrictions and thickening gathered in the fascial layers. With this work we effectively improve musculoskeletal and painful conditions and enhance skill and performance.


BodySculpting concentrates on doing deep, lasting and significant work, with anatomical precision, utilizing movement and personal attention to unfold individual experience. The new body posture created by the change in the fascia system becomes the part of your personality, which results in the fact that you will not have to attend treatments from time to time to have an expert restore it.

When is it appropriate to use bodysculpting?

  • Old injuries that haven’t been rehabbed and healed properly thus creating a chronic condition or pain pattern

  • In case of musculoskeletal pain of unknown origin

  • Works in synergy with other health practices such as workout, yoga, pilates, personal trainings etc. and complements their benefits

  • To facilitate change in one’s life

  • To change physical reality inside and outside of client.

Would you like some evidence?

We take photos of every client prior and after the sessions.
Then we load the photos into a software specially designed for this purpose, where the client can see the change with their own eyes.