Adapting to the accelerated world with BodySculpting


In the old days

In the 2000’s the world has excessively accelerated. In the past 30 years more changes took place than in the 300 before.

Therefore, a therapy developed 100 or 200 years ago has limited or no use considering the people of today. Those were developed to treat different problems.


Today’s city people are under a vast amount of constant stress, which our ancestors could not have imagined exists.

(10-100 emails daily, phone calls, messages. Commuting, preparing food and drink, etc. are all multiplied compared to 30 years ago.)

Although we can adapt to these changes well, our body is burdened. The vast amount of impulses keeps our nervous system tense, therefore our whole body as well.

In addition, we sit motionless for long periods (in the car, in front of the computer or TV)

No wonder that the musculoskeletal rates are constantly worsening in the past few decades.

A new challenge needs a new solution.

We need a treatment that makes us flexible and able to change continuously.  

Because the development – change will not stop but will accelerate even more. We need to prepare ourselves and our bodies.

BodySculpting is a system created using the knowledge and comprehensive anatomical understanding of the 21st century, which can provide persistent help.

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