3 treatments for the relieved body

Think of the body as a building with the foundation at the bottom (feet), the walls in the middle (upper body) and the roof on top (neck-head). Most people’s body is like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, whether they are aware or not.


The first floor (ankle) is only slightly out of balance, but the fifth (shoulders) are more misplaced. These 3 occasions of treatment strive to place this (acquired) building into the best balance and form possible.


Thus we start from bottom to top:

Third treatment

During the third treatment we set the back, the spine and the neck into the right direction ensuring the right posture in the long run.

Second treatment

During the second treatment we go through the upper body, open up the chest, thus enhancing breathing capacity, meanwhile we also clear the way to the spine. Plus, we put the shoulders in the right place.

First treatment

At the first treatment we place the lower body into balance (ankles, knees, hips)

This can occur on 3 consecutive days or weeks.

Leaving longer breaks between the treatments in not recommended.
Take into account that we do not create a perfect body during the 3 treatments, but a body that functions better, more effectively.